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Facial area has 100-200 pores per sqcm, with diameter of 0.02-0.05mm. Anatomically, hair comes from pore and there are sebaceous glands near follicles of hair root. After the adolescence, if the number of sebum increases, the pore becomes wide. Also as it gets old and looses elasticity and droops, pore may look like big.

WYNE ‘s Pore treatment method

  • 01. Drug treatment by Vitamin A which is restrainer of sebum, and Vitamin C.
  • 02. Drug treatment by Vitamin A which is restrainer of sebum, and Vitamin C.
  • 03. Interfuse Vitamin C and Retinol into deep skin using Dielectrolysis and Ultrasonic wave, increase skin elasticity of skin.
  • 04. Periodic Repetition and executionof Scaling。
  • 05. By addition of Christal Peeling , Diamond Peeling, enhance the effect and reduce the time

Pimple scar

  • The ideal pretreatment of pimple scar is to avoid pimple.
    But in case of already existing pimple, treatment of pimple in the beginning stage without scar will be the best pretreatment method. All the pimples do not have scar, but can be minimized by the right method of pimple treatment.
    In case of big stress, adrenocortical hormone becomes widely spreaded and stimulate sebaceous glands. It will lead to serious pimple. So Stress should be reduced and drinking should be avoided because the drinking will affect infection.
    Many people are sqeezing or touching the pimple, but it will aggravate reaction of infection and will result in 2nd infection which will lead to bigger scars. So in case of sqeezing pimple, it should be done in the clinic as the best way to prevent scar.
    Oilish cosmetics and power make up will add sebum to the pimple skin and close the pore which will aggravate pimples. So oilless cosmetics and cleansing are recommended together with oily soap to remove oil.

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