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Drug treatment / Scaling
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Pimple drug Treatment

  • 01. Drugs
  • – Antibiotic – Drugs for reducing infection. It has the fuction of sterilization against pimple virus and reduces infection preventing formation of Free Fatty Acid. It’s the method of taking Tetraclyclin antibiotic but has disadvantages of developing a tolerance.
  • – Vitamin A Derivatives – This is the drug called isotretinoin which is well known as product name , Roaccutane, made up of variation of Vitamine A which restrains the formation of Sebum.
    With its excellent effect of reducing sebum excretion, this is very useful for sebum control towards the treatment of pimple, but has disadvantages of needs to take long time.
  • 02. 국소제 도포
  • – PimpleSoap or Detergent – In order to remove Sebum , use high detergent but mild soap or detergent to maintain acidity that fits him/herself
  • – Pimple ointment – has antibacterial fuction and have effect for inflectional pimple by reducing free fatty acid
  • – Skin revival ointment(Tretinoin) – One of the most popular pimple treatment medicines at the moment. Made up of Variation of Vitamin A. The fuction of reducing sebum secretion is not as good as pills, but has effect of various kinds of pimples due to its fuction of removing dead skin and prevents the development of infection by peeling off dead skin and minimize the destruction of follicles.

Pimple Scaling


  • Two effects of removing thin skin and waste in the pore at the same time!!! Acua peeling system which enables to have clean babyskin!!Same pressure as Air-pressure!!!
  • Duration of Surgery : about 15 minutes. Removing waste and dead skin by suction using tip.
    Also using AG1, AG2, AG3 solutions, soften inside pore and providing nutrition as well as removing dead skin.
    Digital Control such as Pressure control, Solution density controlare also available.


  • AGAROPEEL시스템 아가로필은 크게 3가지로 시술방법을 나눌 수 있습니다.
  • - 1단계 시계반대방향으로 회전하고 있는 탑을 이용해 모공안에 노폐물을 녹이는 특수 솔루션을 투입시켜 피지와 블랙헤드, 각질을 높여줍니다.
  • - 2단계 항염작용을 하는 살리실리산을 모공에 투입해 녹아있던 노폐물을 모두 제거해 줍니다.
  • - 3단계 깨끗해진 모공에 수분에센스의 영양성분을 공급해 마무리해주면 모든 단계가 끝납니다.
  • AGAROPEEL의 모든 단계가 끝나면 깨끗해진 모공뿐아니라 맑아진 피부와 부드럽고 촉촉함까지 느낄 수 있습니다.

02. 아쿠아필링시스템

Number of treatment

5-8times of treatment by every 1 or 2 week.
According to individual skin conditions, number of treatment can be adjusted.


while scaling, exceeding of using scrub medicines, too much rubbing, sauna, heavy cosmetics are avoided.
Should be also careful of moisturing, sunblock. Since Scaling has individually different effects,
Another laser or treatment needs to be accompanied in case of deep scar of pimple.

  • weekdays : 10 A.M to 7 P.M
  • Mon&Fri : 10A.M ~ 9P.M
  • Sat : 10. A.M to 5 P.M
  • Holiday : Regular treatment, Sun : Closed
  • +82-43-223-6000
  • Lunch time 12:30 A.M ~ 1:30 P.M