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Dark Circle
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Dark Circle

Due to mainly fatigue, stress, blue vein becomes blackish and looks like crescent moon by thin skin around eyes.
This is called Dark Circle. Generally Dark circle is shown by various reasons.

The reason of Dark circle and treatment

  • 01. Fat under eyes ㅡ As gets old, fat piles up and fat under eyes protrudes. This makes shadow and looks dark and pigmentation and skin vasodilation looks more remarkable. In this case, Undereye lipectomy will work for improvement of dark circle.
  • 02. Pigmentation ㅡ If increase of Melanin cell deep in the skin or hyperpigmentation by Inflammatory disease from Alergy or Atopy are the reasons of Dark 챡치 , ND:YAG laser or related Dermatitis are to be treated first and whitening will be followed for removal of pigment
  • 03. Blood vessel ㅡ Since Eye surroundings, different from other skin, is thin and tranparant, when tired and lack of sleep due to the problem of blood vessel under eyes, skin becomes bluish when subcutaneous blood vessel is full and expanded. It is generally treated by using Cynergy laser which works selectively to blood vessel with generally 5-6 times repeatedly. Effect of treatment can also be different from depth or thickness of blood vessel.
  • 04. Frame ㅡ this is the case of Dark circle according to the shape of the frame. Cheekbones are prominently high and shows dark circles by sinking lower part of eyes. It needs plastic surgical treatment.
  • 05. Others ㅡ Besides, wron habbits of clensing , change of temperature according to season, period of menses can be the reasons.

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