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Excessive sweating/hot flus
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Hot Flush

  • Blood vessel in the skin may stretch and shrink influenced by autonomic nervous system. when nervous or excited, blood vessel stretches and the face become flushed and red since the blood stays on the skin.
    In case of Winter season, the reaon of flushing is that the shrinked blood vessel becomes expanded with growing temperature.
    This symptom is skin disease of flushing by change of outside temperature and individually different from each other according to capillary range, skin thickness etc.


  • Our blood vessel may be stretched by many reasons, but should be come back in place.
    But if the blood vessel stretches too much and doesn’t shrink back,
    skin looks read and weblike. This is called Hemotelangiosis.

Hot flush / Hemotelangiosis

Treatment of Hemotelangiosis should be preferred by removal of cause. But in case of flushing by expansion of blood vessel, laser will be preferred and needs at least 5 times treatment if serious.
Hemotelangiosis doesn’t get well due to automatic blood vessel shinking. The existing method is only the destroying capillary by laser. Laser treatment of Red nose which is formed by expansion of capillary can destroy stretched capillary and preserve normal blood vessel. So the bluishness will be disappear and it will be helpful for beauty.

WYNE’s Hot flush / Hemotelangiosis Laser Treatment

  • 01. Fotona QX MAX
  • Fotona QX MAX is 3 dimensional treatment enabling whitening+elasticity+wrinkle simultaneously !
    Accellera T-3 technology is new technology of 3 dimension heat transmitting to coloring and collagen by using specialized Accellera Pulse of QX MAX. It will make your healty skin by improving elasticity and skin.
  • 02. Lumenis One
  • The masterpiece of Lumenis One is high technology integrated IPL laser which enables the simultaneous multiple skin treatments by using 3 kinds of complex wavelength light.
  • 03. Excel V Laser
  • Excel V, using its save length of 532 and 1064mm, can solve the problem of coloring such as freckle, blemish, problem of blood vessel such as pimple erytherma, face blush, problem of elasticity such as fine lines, pore.
  • 04. Cynergy Multiplex
  • Handpiece and Cynergy are the only one Multiplex laser system in the world combined with two 585mm PDL and 1064mm ND : YAG laser. This system maximize the treatment effect including short time of treatment by injecting two lasers simultaneously from one piper. In the operation, it doesn’t bruise in the operation and will be effective for various lesion treatment.
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