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Short nose
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Short nose

Raising short nose is considered as , middle forehead, nose bridge, end nose. Since these 3 factors should be harmonized to have natural and sharp nose, surgery should be done considering organical harmony.

Patient for short nose

  • - person who has low bridge nose    - high tip, both bridge and tip are all low

WYNE’s Surgical procedure

  • Correction of short nose can be done by prosthesis like silicon or goretex, by his/her own skin and adipose tissue. Also can be done by self cartilage and stem cell. In addition to this, tip plasty is done using a part of his/her own ear cartilage and nasal septal cartilage.

Characteristics of short nose

  • Minimum hemorrhage and quick covery from pouring, escape from scar, nose line which stands out the face
  • Surgery time

    1 hour

  • Anesthesia method

    Local/General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    No admission

  • normal life

    in 5 days

  • Hospital visits

    3 times

  • Removal of thread

    on the 7th day

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