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Diagnosis of Alopecia
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Diagnosis of Alopecia

Medically Alopecia means more than 100 hairs fall out. In case of 50 – 100 hairs of Alopecia can be proceeded to main Alopecia which need to be careful, but below 50 hairs will be included as normal.
In case of complaining of Alopecia, most of the cases are subjective and no obvious lesion and just complaining of Alopecia without examination of details like shape, number of hairs objectively.

  • 01. Male pattern / Female pattern Alopecia
  • Genetic Androgen Alopecia is most common shape of both male and female.
    Generally the male pattern Alopecia or bald head is this kind. In case of female, it looks empty without any thin hairs. Genetic Androgen Alopecia is formed without any increase of Androgen Hormon of entire body, but the hairs become thin for long time and the hairs fall out.
    Generally, the Alopecia is formed with the shape of M letter from fronthead, but sometimes patients are coming to hospital complaining of emptiness of the top of the head.
  • 02. Telogen Alopecia
  • Period of interface increases and it leads to Alopecia with its shedding hairs of daily 100-400 pieces radically.
    Generally it results from physical stress by serious psychological stress, operation, sudden change of weight, fever, and from drugs by anticoagulant, antihypertensive, arthrifuge, and from change of hormone by giving birth, from chronic disease by anemia, nutrient deficiency, thyroid disease etc. Telogen Alopecia generally begins 2-4 months after the outbreak of the original cause, but if there is no stimulus of cause, it will recover within 6 months. Since it also goes on chronically, pre treatment for preventing Alopecia is required.
  • 03. Areata Alopecia
  • Alopecia with the shape of coin shows in the skin or body. Hairs on other area look normal but the hairs around lesion can delveop to rapid Alpecia. It was said to be of family history, psychological stress, immunological allergy etc, but the exact reason was not proved so far. In case of Local Alopecia lesion, injection of steroid will be effective and it will take about 3 months to get the hair grown again. Hairs are being recovered naturally in the normal conditions but it easily occurs again and never be recovered in case of spreaded into the whole head or body which needs to have prompt treatment from the beginning.
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