Square Jaw surgery
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Square Jaw surgery

An unproportional jaw, development of masticatory muscles, excessive facial fat leads to your jaw looking bigger than normal, angulated and gives a strong impressions. One will receive surgery in case of: square jaw, the part under the ear protruding,
the jaw bone seeming and actually being large, contours having problems in general, and asymmetry.

Square Jaw surgery

  • - Those who need square jaw surgery    - has an angulated face, one who looks to have a large face
    - one who’s side of the face is angulaged.

WYNE’s operational method for square jaws.

  • Trimming of the mandibular bone

    Trimming of the mandibular bone ㅡ the mandibular bone is the part from the under jaw to underneath the ears making an angle, and the surgery is more effective for those who have a more protruding mandibular bone. This surgery is deciding which part and in which shape the jaw bone will be trimmed and doing so very accurately, by going through precise planning beforehand (radiographic inspection, physical checkup). Under general Anesthesia method method method, doctors will make an incision on the part next to the molar tooth, delaminate the periosteum, and remove the required amount of bone.

  • Cortex osteotomy

    Cortex osteotom ㅡ Taking into consideration the side of one’s face, splinters of a bone will be smoothly removed so that the line from the side will become beautiful. At the same time cortex osteotomy will be practiced so that looking from the front the jaw will look smaller. Since there will be a big quantity removed, nerve exposure or hemorrhage could occur so extra attention must be paid. Normally, mandibular bone surgery and cortex osteotomy surgery is performored simultaneously.

  • Masticatory bone excision

    Masticatory bone excisio ㅡ most of the time the masticatory bone will have excess hyperplasia which works as a reason for making the face seem wider from the side. Therefore a partial excision of the muscle is needed, but fearing a develop of a complication botox injections are used instead of excision for the anaplasia of the masticatory bone.

Characteristic of a WYNE square jaw bone surgery.

  • One surgery solves the reasons for a big jaw and makes the chin slim and the face smaller.
  • Surgery time

    2 hours maximum

  • Anesthesia method method

    general Anesthesia method

  • Hospitalization

    1 day or none

  • normal life

    about 10 days later

  • Hospital visits

    3 times

  • Removal of
    thread seam

    on the 7th day

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