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Breast augmentation surgery
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Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation is inserting silicon below the breast tissue and pectoral and enlarging the breast. Before the surgery there must be sufficient discussion with the professional doctor on the shape and size of the breast the patient wants and where.

WYNE’s breast prothesis

  • 01. This cohesive gel has been approved by the FDA of USA and is most widely used as breast prosthesis.
    “Cogel” is different from the silicone gel and has strong cohesion between the molecules so that if there is damage on the outside it won’t overflow nor be absorbed but maintains its state. It feels more natural and is more safe.

    02. This water drop prosthesis from the world most used German POLYTECH is perfectly designed for Asians to have the most beautiful and natural breast shape. Unlike the existing prosthesis, this one has less space in between the breast and the prosthesis so there is less side effects of transformation of the shape and location of the prosthesis after the operation.

Advantages of the water drop breast surgery.

Which is preferable between Mento cogel and waterdrop cogel?

  • Breast prosthesis is categorized according to the constituent into saline prosthesis and cohesive gel prosthesis.
    Recently breast prosthesis is more preferred due to its softer texture and shape. Water drop prosthesis looks like a water drop, and is advantageous because when the patient is standing up, the breast curve is natural. However when the patient is lying down it could look unnatural, and if the prosthesis shifts location the prosthesis could become obvious. In conclusion the most important factor of breast surgery is a looking natural after the operation and having a beautiful breast, not selecting the type of prosthesis. With the diagnosis of a professional plastic surgeon, the patient must choose the perfect prosthesis according to their breast size and shape, areola size and operation plan.
    Consult with the surgeon for the perfect fit!!

Operational method of WYNE’s breast augmentation surgery

  • Double plane breast augmentation surgery

    A prosthesis will be injected below the muscles for the top breast, and for the bottom breast the prosthesis will go on top of the muscles so that the breast in general looks smooth and natural. Also it is possible to make the breast bigger than the proportional physical size. In breast augmentation, there is sometimes the ‘double bubble’ phenomenon, where if there isn’t enough room in the breast the prosthesis settles above the breast and protrudes so it looks like there are two breasts. Also if, in case of a patient who has a thin skin and not much breast tissue, the prosthesis is positioned above the breast tissue, the prosthesis becomes obvious. Therefore the dual plane surgery is more accurate and allows a more beautiful breast.

Characteristics of WYNE’s breast augmentation surgery

  • 01. Cogel & water drop endoscope
  • The cogel & water drop breast surgery is performed through an endoscope so that it is more detailed and safe.
  • 02. High quality HD endoscope is used
  • An expensive high quality HD endoscope is utilized so that it is a more intricate and delicate sublation of the tissues so that hemorrhage and pain is lessened and side effects are reduced.
  • 03. No use of blood-sacs after the surgery
  • Since this surgery uses a high HD endoscope facilities and delicate sublation, there is minimal stimulation on the veins and tissues and almost no bleeding. Hence there is no need for a blood-sac.
  • 04. The safest anesthesia! Intercostals nerve blocking!
  • We use an intercostal nerve blocking procedure and use only a little amount of anesthetic for the patients’ safety.
  • 05. recovery ↑pain↓ contraction ↓
  • With know-how and experience from many operations, there is very little pain after the surgery and the recovery speed is fast, contraction possibility is low.
  • 06. no need to remove thread seams
  • During the operation we use the adhesive and the sealing tape for the human body so there is no need to remove thread seams, and less scars in the end.
  • 07. Accurate diagnosis, operation and after care
  • There will be an accurate diagnosis for each patient and an original operational method, 1 on 1 anesthesia, after care depending on the personal recovery rates. In WYNE, each patient is our VIP.
  • 08. Dermatology care from an aesthetic
  • We treat the dead skin cells which piles up after the operation because of bad blood circulation, with face swelling and we absorb vitamin C and the skin becomes healthy. Also the tired and dark skin will become more flexible and hydrated and with the vitamin iozime and hydro water facial mask the skin will become nice.
  • 09. A systematic cooperation system
  • 1 dermatology doctor and 2 plastic surgeons will work together for a more professional and systematic cooperation and will promise beautiful and safe results.
  • 10. A 2 months after service.
  • After the operation, on the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th month there will be a check up. We promise a long-term and meticulous after care service.
  • 11. 11 Smart look care
  • High frequency (RF) + Infrared rays (IR) + medical LED facilities are used for reducing swelling, skin resurfacing, age resistance, care of scars and pain etc and aids for a faster return to the normal lives.
  • 12. limosine service
  • We accompany the patient safely and comfortably to their homes after the operation.
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