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Suction of subcutaneous fat by acoustic pressure. By permanent removal of fat celss, surgery effect is very prompt and can solve the cellulite which is not easy to solve by practice and food.

Region of Liposuction

Surgical Procedure

  • Abdomen – Easier for surgery than the other region due to its thickness of fat layer and have bigger effect and satisfaction.
  • Waist – Waist fat and Lovehandle are the region of hard –to-get diet and will be effected by Liposuction.
    The point is to save the soft curve.
  • Thigh – Thigh consists of fat cells which is concrete and full of fiber. This is the region that the fats are piled up around the area of hip and knee. Once the fat piles up , it will be hard to reduce the size by dietary treatment. So the suction will be effective to slenderize thigh. By suction down the line of hips, the whole body will look like straight and long.
    Using minimum incision on the invisiable area, scar will be invisible in spite of wearing half pants.
  • Forearm – Suction of sensitive and collaborate to the fat area of deep structure and epidermal layer.
    If use together with Venuslaser, you will get the effect of skin lifting and soft line.
  • Calf – Calf consists of mustle and bone as a whole. Since it has thin fat layer comparing with other area, close attentions are required.

Characteristics of WYNE’s Liposuction

  • Scar is not easily visible by minimum incision and the skin becomes smooth due to elaborate suction.
  • Surgery time

    1 hour

  • Anesthesia method

    General Anesthesia

  • Admission

    No admission

  • Normal life

    after 7 days

  • Hospital visit

    2 times

  • Removal of thread

    10th day

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  • Mon&Fri : 10A.M ~ 9P.M
  • Sat : 10. A.M to 5 P.M
  • Holiday : Regular treatment, Sun : Closed
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  • Lunch time 12:30 A.M ~ 1:30 P.M