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Fine Fat transplantation
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Fine Fat transplantation

This is the Surgery of Extracting the fat from the region of abdomen, thigh, hips which have lots of unnecessary fats, injecting to face by extracting pure fat through centrifuge. Since the transplantation is done by injection, it can enhance the elaboration and settlement with its uniformed transplantation of small quantity.


  • - Who has uneven and collapsed forehead    - who wants his/her thin face to be plump    
    - Figure of 8 wrinkle,    - who wants to be young as shape

Surgical Procedure

  • 01. Suction of unnecessary fat from Abdomen or thigh.

    02. Extraction of fat by centrifuge

    03. Enhancing settlement by using PDRN to make fat cell in place and inject to required area for fat transplantation.

  • Surgery time

    40 min

  • Anesthesia method

    General Anesthesia

  • Admission

    No admission

  • Normal life

    available after surgery

  • Hospital visit

    2 times

  • Removal of thread

    in 10 days

Characteristics of WYNE’s Fine Fat transplantation

  • 01. Uniformed transplantation equallty on the many layers to have elaboration and settlement
  • 02. High settlement through PDRN which helps the fat cells settle in place好
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