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  • General anesthesia is recognized to remove the patient’s consciousness from the beginning to the end of operation. Anesthetic is given to patient to restrain the central nervous function in the operation.
  • Patients are led to sleep from the beginning to the end. In this case of general anesthesia,
    our specialist stays in the whole procedure and controls patient’s status with his/her breath. Patients worry much about this due to some myth which has no medical basis.
    The story about the patients who never woke up after anesthesia is the one that the classical anesthetic was used before the technology developed.

General anesthesia in plastic surgery, comparing with normal anesthesia which is regarded as deep level of anesthesia which sometimes stops the function of respiratory or even the function of the heart, is something different low level of anesthesia.
It will rarely cause any no-wake ups from general anesthesia even in case of deep anesthesia.
Accidents from generdyal anesthesia are occurred from anesthesia by non-specialist or excessive bleeding by inproper operation. It can be occurred if patientdidn’t check their status that the hadrisky heart or liver illness. Considering and preventing patients from this kind of danger, WYNE provides special compatibility test with its professional doctor’s monitoring patient’s status. Patients are requested to have comfortable

  • The operations which needs general anesthesia
  • Facial bone contouring surgery, hooked nose surgery, mastoplasty, liposuction of whole body and abdominal,Facelift etc..

Painless Sedative Anesthesia

Sedative Anesthesia

  • Sedative Anesthesia is the method of maintain the airway by himself by giving proper
    quantity of hypnotics or sedatives and restraining minimum access consciousness to react doctor’s question or light stimulation.
  • Regional Anesthesia

  • Regional anesthesia, since the patient’s consciousness is maintained as usual,
    is useful for the case of risky general anesthesia, but the sensitive patient can have
    serious uncomfortableness and fearness.

In WYNE, Painless Sedative Anesthesia is provided for the patients who have the stress against general and regional anesthesia. There is no pain and feeling in the operation, safety and comfort are guaranteed.
Since this has immediate recovery and no burden to body, patients can have comfortable sleep in the operation and wake up easily without any sense of discomfort or fearness. But just in case of chest which is sensitive to pain, and thigh and adominal, there is a risk of accident by enforcement of Painless Sedative Anesthesia.
Therefore, all the patients are kindly requested to follow doctor’s instruction of operations.

  • Available operations of Painless Sedative Anesthesia
  • Minimum incision facelift, ophthalmophasty, rhinoplasty, brow plastic surgery, prostheses surgery for chin, local liposuction, micro transplantation of fat, hair implant, rhinotomy calf surgery, lip-reduction surgery, scar surgery etc…

Instruction for Anesthesia

  • Be careful of flu
  • Please be careful of Flu because Bronchial tubes become sensitive due to the flu and number of secretion in anesthesia increases and the bronchoconstriction can lead to breathing disorder and pneumonia.
    Since the operation and anesthesia are recommended to proceed when the patients are in the best condition, sometimes the operation are postoponed to obtain patient’s best condition.
    Also, in the day of operation, light washing, brushing, saving are requested, but make up is avoided.
  • Contact lens or dental plate should be left in the patient room before leaving for operation.
  • In the procedure of inducing general anesthesia, above materials can be flown backwards into mouth and it can lead to suffocation by the closure of airway or to pneumonia by crossing to lung.
    Therefore, Fast is strongly recommended for adult 8 hours before anesthesia, child 6 hours to make stomach empty.
    (1 or 2 cups of barley tea is not a problem)
    Discomforts or fearness before operation can result in delay of empty stomach. So, keeping comfortableness is one way of reducing this risk as well. The patients who have possibilities of absorption of above mentioned materials due to obesity, diabetes, pregnancy can prevent the diseases by having medicines which enables to increase antacid or gastric motility and keeping the time of fast according to doctor’s recipe.
  • Test before anesthesia
  • chest X-ray, ( if necessary, PFT, arterial gas test) urine test, blood type test, anemia test, hemorrahagic pruritus test, hepatitis test, liver function test, ECG( if necessary also, heart stress test in exercise, heart eco test etc)


  • WYNE runs on Specialized General Anesthesia Center. We are proud of high tech operation technology of operation to make difficult operation more safer. By full time stay of specialist, patient’s status is controlled in the procedure of operation and hi tech monitoring system is available.
    Excellent medical team and staffs can provide more comfortable operations with minimizing patient’s burdens.
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