WYNE Security Operation system
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WYNE security operation 10 step system

  • Possession of Datex-Ohmeda ( M904E)
  • We possess high quality Anesthesia equipment , Datex-Ohmeda(M904E) which
    equals up to general hospital level and execute periodic control for preventing Anesthesia accident which can be occurred in the operation.
  • Best monitoring equipment
  • We have high tech monitoring equipments and grasp patient’s exact status such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature, carbon dioxide emission in the status of general anesthesia and sleep anesthesia.
  • Operation in the presence of specialist of anesthesiology
  • Specialist of anesthesia pain stays full time in the hospital and responsible for the security of patients by taking care of all the procedure from the beginningto the end
    of operation and recovery. Also, the operation is executed through entire check up
    of patient’s body type, physical, history of treatment, status of the date of operation through face-to-face councel and most secure and proper adaptation of anesthesia.
  • Embedded oxygen, nitrogen, gas supplysystem
  • This helps patient have safe breathing in the operation by general anesthesia.
    Also helps comfortable and safe recovery of patients in the patient room ,
    operation room after the operation.
  • 1:1 exclusive nurse system
  • In WYNE, patients are considered to be a family who shares all the human emotions.
    Theservice of kind staffs will never leave any discomforts and awkwardness.
  • 내장형 산소, 질소 가스 공급장치
  • 전신마취 수술 중 안전하게 호흡이 이루어지도록 도와주며, 수술후 회복실, 입원실내에
    산소공급장비를 배치하여 편안하고 안전한 마취회복을 돕습니다.
  • No paint management system
  • WYNE provides Autofuser which enables self control of pain in order to remove fear against pain after operation. So, patients who fear for pains are requested to contact medical team at any time.
  • UPS system
  • UPS system is everytime available and enable all the equipments of anesthesia or operation work normally without any stop in case of inevitable accident.
  • Various convenience
  • Cafeteria, powerroom, patient room, VIP rooms are provided to take maximum
    care of patients.
  • Execution of checkup before general anesthesia
  • Preoperative check ups including adult diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis and general blood test, general chemical tests, various virus test are precisely and extensively excuted to have a final decision of operation.

  • weekdays : 10 A.M to 7 P.M
  • Mon&Fri : 10A.M ~ 9P.M
  • Sat : 10. A.M to 5 P.M
  • Holiday : Regular treatment, Sun : Closed
  • +82-43-223-6000
  • Lunch time 12:30 A.M ~ 1:30 P.M