WYNE Complete Sterilization System
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WYNE Complete Sterilization 9 Step System

  • High pressure steam sterilization
  • We removes pathogens and germs on the surface of equipments through physical sterilization
    by high temperature and pressure steam which has excellent penetration power and We also disclude infection by sterilizing various kind of equipments, waste in the operation room, fiber and gauze etc.
  • E.O ( Ethylene Oxide) Gas Sterilization
  • E.O. gas has advantages of killing all kinds of germs and sterilizing equipment and goods without any damage and having long lasting sterilization. One more process of sterilizing
    process with low temperature by E.O. gas on all the equipments which is not so easy to
    treat by high pressure steam sterilizer would be the best way for considering patients’
    security and health.
  • Vacuum package and individual packing
  • Assortive individual vacuum packings are provided to prevent infection and used just before operation and treatment.
  • Disposable surgical gown / surgical articles
  • WYNE use disposable surgical gowns and articles in every single operation to obtain complete aseptic management. We try our best for prevention of infection in spite of high cost and inconvenience.
  • Real name system of sterilizing management
  • WYNE carries out real name system on every department in order to obtain best responsible treatment service and sterilization so that we can offer belief and trust for patients.
  • Operation under surveillance of nurse of sterilization specialist
  • Sterilization specialist nurse everytime joins in the procedure of operation in
    WYNE that enables patients’ security by complete management and supervision.
  • Surface infection remover , infection removal sterilization material
  • By using Eco-friendly sterilizer which obtained certificate of FDA USA and FDA KOREA,
    certificate of non-toxic, we protect patients from all kinds of infection in the whole hospital including operation room.
  • Daily Xepanon sterilization for operation rom, treatment room, recovery room
  • Daily Xepanon sterilization is provided for complete management of patients and emplyee’s infection and hospital environment as well as sterilization.
  • Education and management for non-toxic technology
  • All our people in WYNE seek for complete sanitary management with full attention by control of use-by date through sterilization calendar and periodic education of sterilization and disinfection.

  • weekdays : 10 A.M to 7 P.M
  • Mon&Fri : 10A.M ~ 9P.M
  • Sat : 10. A.M to 5 P.M
  • Holiday : Regular treatment, Sun : Closed
  • +82-43-223-6000
  • Lunch time 12:30 A.M ~ 1:30 P.M