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Available equipments

  • Fraxel Dual
  • Fraxel is the method of safe noninvasive lazer skin care technology to rivive health
    skin through regenerating damaged skin without disrupting everyday life.
    Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 is brand new equipment to enable lifeful skin by dual
    treatment mode treating both outer and inner skin. It also provide multi region surgery.
  • TRM Laser
  • TRM Laser, the abbreviation of True Resurfacing Laser Machine with Thulium 1927mm, is new concept laser using Tulium module. It looks similar to previous Fraxel laser, but the water suction is 10 times higher than previous one with no side effect.
  • Excel V Laser
  • Excel V , using its save length of 532 and 1064mm, can solve the problem of coloring such as freckle, blemish, problem of blood vessel such as pimple erytherma, face blush, problem of elasticity such as fine lines, pore.
  • Legato
  • Legato consists of Plasma RF Handpiece and Impact microwave Handpiece.
    Surgery will be provided by applying this two technologies
  • Miradry
  • Miradry optained certificate of FDA and solve armpit perspiration and underarm oder without cutting.
    By transmitting Miradry’s microwave to the region of apogreen sweat gland, destroys sweat gland with leaving no scar and expects long time continuous effect with single surgery.
  • ThermageCPT
  • Thermage CPT is 3rd generation Thermage developing from Thermacool TC
    –Thermage NXT – Thermage CPT , specialized in pain-reduction, increasing
    lifting effect by using vibration handpiece.
  • Affinite
  • Affinite is smart equipment of inducing skin revival with no injury by infecting the valid component into skin in a moment through pore channel using 50 microjet technology.
  • Lumenis One
  • The masterpiece of Lumenis One is high technology integrated IPL laser which
    enables the simultaneous multiple skin treatments by using 3 kinds of complex wavelength light.
  • Fotona QX MAX
  • Fotona QX MAX is 3 dimensional treatment enabling whitening+elasticity+wrinkle simultaneously. Accellera T-3 technology is new technology of 3 dimension heat transmitting to coloring and collagen by using specialized Accellera Pulse of QX MAX.
    It will make your healty skin by improving elasticity and skin texture as well as whitening.
  • Helios
  • Helios is the only one Fractional in the world developed by Korean technical team.
    It incarnated the best Beam Profile by designing laser cavity chamber to obtain uniform distribution of laser output beam. It also has installation of Optics to compensate energy-dropping phenomenon which is occurred by distortion of beam through double refraction of the rod in the long term usage of laser.
  • Accent Elite
  • Accent Elite is one step more upgraded safe treatment by destroying subcutaneous fat and cellulite on the region of surgery and improving circulation around the fat which once had disorder of limp circulation, excreting the destroyed fat cell and body fluid retention cyst (edema) from the body.
  • Intracel
  • Intracel enables elaborate surgery by direct insert-ejection of Gold needle on the skin. It also enables exact insertion by instant automatic insertion system and minimizing pains and transmitting. By direct and instant radiating of high pressure RF on the region of inner skin, it revitalizes and promote transforming and recycling of collagen.
    It also maximize the recycling of new collagen by destroying aged collagen and remove damaged collagen.
  • Fraxel Refine
  • Fraxel is world wide well known laser equipment that performs effective treatment of skin trouble such as pore, pimple scar, fine wrinkles. Among the goods, Fraxel Refine laser is 3rd generation Fraxel laser deviced for reducing side effect such as pain in the operation, erytherma after operation and enhancing recovery.
  • Burane
  • Burane laser is from Wave Light Co.,Ltd in Germany, well known as Eximer laser.
    It is Er-YAG laser system of radiating 2940mm wavelength light and has 3 excellent functions , Thermal mode which only gives thermal effect without cutting skin ( different from other laser), Ablation mode which performs very thin cut by micron, Combination mode which have previous 2 effects together.
    It enables dramatic effect for both deep and thin moles.
  • Co2 Laser
  • Co2 Laser is most popular laser in Korea as well as abroad since it started to be commercialized on the beginning of 1970’s.
    This laser has wide range of treatment and stability. Impact of Co2 laser reaches to 10600nm , belongs to far-infrared radiation and uses Hellium Neon laser beam as guide beam accessorily in order to increase accuracy of treatment since it is invisible.
  • Light Sheer
  • Light Sheer Diode Laser is the brand new equipment of Light Sheer which is the standard of depilation. This is permanent depilation treatment enables regionally customized treatment such as armpit, bikini line, arm, leg etc.
  • Venus Upping Laser
  • Venus Upping laser destroys layer of fat without suction when it shoots the laser entering into fat layer by its edge of the tip. Also it stimulates inner skin and activate the formation of collagen and elastin so that it makes the skin in a elastic and healthy status.
  • Easy Contour
  • Easy Contour, which has significantly improved the disadvantage of Facial bone contouring surgery, as a device of suction and cutting with its grinding of vibrative
    file and saw , is regarded as revolution of technology which gives no damage to soft tissues.
  • Agaropeel
  • Aqua peeling system has special effect of removing fine skin and waste in pore which enables your skin to be clean child skin. It removes variouskind of wastes in pore such as dead skin, sebum, pimple, demodex folliculorum, blackhead and give back your skin as find and clean.
  • Excimer Laser
  • Excimer Laser (Ultra Excimer Laser) improves its energies about 110% comparing with previous equipment and reduced treatment time 2-3 times less than previous one to expect more developed treatment of leukoplakia.
  • Cynergy Multiplex
  • Handpiece and Cynergy are the only one Multiplex laser system in the world combined with two 585mm PDL and 1064mm ND : YAG laser. This system maximize the treatment effect including short time of treatment by injecting two lasers simultaneously from one piper. In the operation, it doesn’t bruise in the operation and will be effective for various lesion treatment.
  • Lem Scan
  • Light therapy has been the made by sunlight since prehistoric times.
    This is the therapy of using the equipment of special wavelength such as laser and LED lamp to proceed treatment according to adaptable disease in time.
  • Ultra violet treatment equipment
  • This is widely used for skin ailment(psoriasis, atopy etc) by shooting ultraviolet on the region of skin ailment. Especially by shooting one time to the whole body, effect of treatment is very high and also can be used with short time.

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